MEET MELISSA  (February 2023)

Melissa has been battling cancer for years while raising two kids alone.  A friend of Melissa's reached out to Eli's Army wanting to support her friend in any way possible.  After chatting a little with Melissa, she is very humble and attempting to raise great kids.  The foundation was able to help Melissa directly by providing new tires and some basic vehicle services.  Additionally, due to chemotherapy, Melissa mentioned pain in her feet, so recovery sandals and fluffy socks were in order!

Her son and daughter cherish their mother, so we were happy to provide each of them some gifts specific to their hobbies and interests.

Eli himself was able to hand deliver these items to Melissa, as seen in the photo.  Check out Melissa proudly holding her Eli's Army Foundation tshirt!  

Despite her circurmstances, Melissa's joy is infectious, and she was eager to pass on blessings to others.

Thank you, Melissa, for being part of this army together.  

MEET REBEKAH  (April 2023)

Rebekah is a single mother raising beautiful daughters.  Though Rebekah seems to have a great support system, it still takes TONS of work mentality and physically taking care of all of the needs in the house. Additionally, one of her teenage daughters uses a wheelchair full time.  

When the foundation was assessing needs with Rebekah, it was discovered she needed new tires for her accessible van.  Eli's Army was able to provide all new tires.  Accessible vans also require regular maintenance to ensure the ramp and other modifications are working properly, so a couple of service visits were also provided.  

Eli's Army signature item is socks, so some fun fuzzy socks were naturally included in the gift!  For little indulgences, the family was provided a gift card for some fancy coffee beverages!

Last but not least, although we LOVE Rebekah's "Mama Mommy Mom Bruh" shirt, we had to hand off a "NOT.IF.BUT.HOW" official Eli's Army Foundation tshirt. We think both tshirts are amazing statement pieces!

So glad to have you in this army together, Rebekah & family!

meet claudia (summer 2023)

Claudia is single mother raising not one, but TWO boys, with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Claudia and her family (she also has two girls) exemplify a large part of why Eli's Army Foundation exists.  Logistics are a difficult and expensive piece having a child in a wheelchair; having two exponentially increases both.  Claudia's boys, Damian & Daniel, have power wheelchairs, but are unable to use them, because their mother does not have an accessible vehicle at this time.  Though Eli's Army does not provide vehicles, we are actively attempting to become a resource to assist families find the organizations that can help in ways we cannot.  Additionally, Claudia rents her home, so making accessible alterations to her home was not feasible.  THIS is where our "not if but how" motto came into play!

Damian & Daniel are a joy.  They are happy young men, full of life.  Eli, being just a few years older than them himself, generated ideas of things the boys might like.  I would be remiss to not add that when speaking with Claudia and assessing her needs, her main concern was making her boys happy and finding things THEY would enjoy!  

We showed up to visit Claudia and her boys.  The boys were somewhat quiet at first.  Then, Eli helped present them with items that were right up their alley.  He put Grandscape (retail/restaurant/outdoor space in The Colony, TX) package together to enjoy a day out!  Restaurant gift card, a super cool gaming experience, and ice cream.  The boys lit up!  We also talked to them about things they like to do with their mom and sisters and decided a zoo membership would be a great fit.

Claudia is selfless and only asked for things for her boys, so we HAD to get her a Stanley needs hydration in the latest and greatest cup!  We provided practical and helpful items to help transfer her boys around their home & in/out of vehicles: a transfer board and a "Perfect Lift".  Eli's Army was also able to provide some vehicle maintenance. always, comfy socks, which are an Eli's Army staple.

Another thing to note is Claudia speaks Spanish.  This adds to making things even a bit more complicated for her daily life.  Fortunately, my friend and realtor, Laura Morin with DFW Remax, joined me as translator on calls with Claudia and attended in person as we presented items to Claudia and family, because we all know Google translate can only help so much! Special shoutout to Laura!

We wish Claudia and her children well and will continue to be in touch with them!  We are so thrilled to have them be part of Eli's Army!