Does Anyone Understand Me?

- Lance Hamilton (Feb 2023)

Remember a time or moment when someone just 'got' you?

There were not a lot of words back and forth - they just understood exactly what you were thinking and feeling in that moment.  It's amazing to share that sense of being understood.

Early in our marriage, my wife and I took a trip to visit an old friend of mine.  We found ourselves in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina and stopped at the local Bass Pro Shops.  NASCAR happened to be going on a mere 2 miles away while we were there, and many people had the same idea to stop in Bass Pro.

We were enjoying a little people watching while standing outside the doors.  We observed a mother with her two boys probably under the age of 10.  Between us and this family was a display of various fishing boats for sale.  As they approached the boats, we were able to hear some dialogue between them.  In their charming southern accents, it went as follows:

"I like that boat" - Big Brother

"You like that boat?" - Mother

"I like that boat" - Big Brother

"I like that boat, too" - Little Brother

They paused, knowingly, and proceeded into the store.  Meanwhile, we stood and kind of chuckled at how much was conveyed in that simple interaction.  Emotions, wants, wonder, encouragement, and understanding were all effortlessly communicated.

Almost 20 years later, my wife and I still repeat their simple conversation.  It often means other things than the boat and sometimes it's just for a laugh.  It still carries meaning to us even now.

THOSE simple words convey the heart of our intents of accomplishment with Eli's Army.  We do not and will not have life all put together nor do we have the answers. We continue to enjoy life despite sorrows and disappointments, and that is real.  We hope to have you join with us and share your experiences of joy and happiness, triumph and victory, sadness and defeat.  

Don't squander the opportunity to allow others to understand you. Life is about living. We can slow down to understand one another, and step in as each other's "army" when a need is seen.

Our mission statement stems from our family motto: NOT.IF.BUT.HOW.

It's not if you can do it, but how!  Will we do it?  Yes, but the 'how' may be different.  Don't allow limitations or setbacks get in the way of doing something great...or not even doing anything at all!

The goal of Eli's Army is to strengthen the homes and lives of families.  Let's partner - and "like that boat, too".