The mission of Eli's Army Foundation:  NOT.IF.BUT.HOW.

It's not if you can do it, but how!

Show someone you're "with" them through sending an army locker kit or partnering with us for projects to strengthen the home.

You're with them by becoming part of "Eli's Army"...joining in an army together.  Shortly after Eli's diagnosis, a family friend sent a message saying:

"Just picture the little green army men, but we are pink and have glittery rifles". 

A few days later, a gift bag of plastic pink army men showed up at our house. (The army kit may just have a few various colors of army men in it - hint hint)

As far as helping "strengthen the home".  This is metaphoric and literal.  Disabilities can cause strain on families.  By assisting a family to make their home accessible, some of those burdens can help be lifted.  See the PROJECTS tab for completed projects.  A family can nominate themselves or have someone else nominate them for these services.